Code submissions received

Submissions to the invitation for public comment on the proposed prevention of falls compliance codes appear below on this page.

OHSFCC_1 - Alistair Allan

OHSFCC_2 - Creation Homes

OHSFCC_3 - Victorian Volume Home Builders Safety Alliance

OHSFCC_4 - Peter Ferguson

OHSFCC_5 - Simonds Homes

OHSFCC_6 - Hi Rise Access P/L

OHSFCC_7 - Alistair Allan

OHSFCC_8 - Steeline Roofing Centres

OHSFCC_9 - Housing Industry Association

OHSFCC_10 - CFMEU C&G Division Vic/Tas Branch 

OHSFCC_11 - Residential Metal Roofing Industry Association of Victoria Ltd

OHSFCC_12 - Dennis Family Homes

OHSFCC_13 - Victorian Volume Home Builders Safety Alliance

OHSFCC_14 - Victorian Trades Hall Council

OHSFCC_15 - Master Builders Association of Victoria

Submissions to the invitation for public comment about the proposed asbestos compliance codes from November to December 2017 are listed below. 

OHSACC_1 - Confidential

OHSACC_2 - Name withheld

OHSACC_3 - Asbestos Council of Victoria/GARDS Inc

OHSACC_4 - Name withheld

OHSACC_5 - Name withheld

OHSACC_6 - Stephen Burnett

OHSACC_7 - Confidential

OHSACC_8 - CFMEU C&G Division Victorian-Tasmanian Branch

OHSACC_9 - Victorian Trades Hall Council

OHSACC_10 - Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

OHSACC_11 - Australian Workers' Union

OHSACC_12 - CFMEU Education and Training Unit

Submissions to the invitation for public comment on the proposed eight compliance codes released from May to June 2017 are listed below.

OHSCC_1 - Tony Farfor and Assoc

OHSCC_2 - name withheld

OHSCC_3 - Oscar Szanto

OHSCC_4 - Des Caple & Associates Pty Ltd

OHSCC_5 - Tanya Ferrara

OHSCC_6 - Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd

OHSCC_7 - name withheld

OHSCC_8 - Confidential

OHSCC_9 - Confidential

OHSCC_10 - Confidential

OHSCC_11 - Dyne Industries

OHSCC_12 - TruSafety Solutions

OHSCC_13 - Paul Rawlings

OHSCC_14 - name withheld

OHSCC_15 - CFMEU C&G Div Vic-Tas Branch

OHSCC_16 - RG Chemical Safety

OHSCC_17 - Housing Industry Association

OHSCC_18 - name withheld

OHSCC_19 - South East Water

OHSCC_20 - Community Public Sector Union SPSF Group Victorian Branch

OHSCC_21 - Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch)

OHSCC_22 - Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

OHSCC_23 - Vital Safety Pty Ltd

OHSCC_24 - Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

OHSCC_25 - Victorian Trades Hall Council

OHSCC_26 - P-E Handley-Walker Pty Ltd (t/a HAZCOM GHS)

OHSCC_27 - Haztech Environmental

OHSCC_28 - Australian Industry Group

OHSCC_29 - Demolition Contractors' Association of Victoria

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